Delivery time

Down here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions, if there is anything else we can help you with please contact our customer service.


''I ordered a product from your website almost a month ago and it still hasn't arrived? Where is my order now? And when will it arrive?''

Because we work with different suppliers and international delivery company's it is possible it takes a bit of time before the package will arrive at your location. Depending on the delivery service you chose when checking out, you package will arrive according to our standard delivery times. 

Order status

''What are the delivery times for the standard and secure shipping options?''

The delivery time of your order has to do with a few different factors, such as country of destination and delivery time of our suppliers and your local shipping company.

For the standard shipping it will take an average of 20 till 30 days for delivery. 

The premium shipping will take an average time of 14 till 20 days. 

''My order is taking longer to arrive as expected.''

Unfortunately we are dependent on our suppliers and your local delivery company's for making the delivery. We can only provide with the information we get from our partners, we are sorry if it is taking longer as expected!

''Delivery time is saying 14-30 days? What is the right time for my order to arrive? ''

The delivery is dependent on our suppliers and your local delivery company, we will advise you keep in mind that the standard delivery time will take 20-30 days. 


''I tried to contact you guys on instagram but got no response, how is this possible?''

If you have any questions, or would like to get some information on any of our products? Then you can contact our customer service department and they will contact you as soon as possible!